The 10-Minute Millionaire. The One Secret Anyone Can Use To Turn $2,500 Into $1 Million Or More

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America’s “Millionaires’ Club” now has 10.4 million members – the most ever, according to the latest statistics

And it s a club you can join much sooner than you might think, says D.R

And you ll learn the most-valuable lesson of all Becoming a millionaire doesn t have to be an unattainable dream

And you ll watch as your assets turn into true wealth

Barton, Jr., a top trader, television analyst and former hedge fund officer

Before you know it, you ll be trading better than a seasoned pro

But it squeezes out emotion, filters out the noise, slashes the risk, and maximizes your potential for profits and also for meaningful wealth

Finally, he neutralizes the natural biases that lead most traders to financial destruction and shows you how to book big profits from other trader s irrational miscues

He trains you to properly frame each trade to maximize profit and minimize risk

In his new book, the 10-Minute Millionaire, D.R

It still requires commitment

Loaded with step-by-step illustrations and personal stories, the 10-Minute Millionaire takes the powerful secrets of Wall Street insiders and breaks them down into an easy-to-understand blueprint for beating the markets, day after day, week after week

Make it a goal, and pursue that goal, and before long that dream will be real.

Once you learn the 10-Minute Millionaire way, it s a system you can operate and update in tiny 10-minute increments

The 10-Minute Millionaire combines goal-setting, stock-screening and trading strategies whose ultimate objective is to give you membership in that Millionaires Club

The system is so simple D.R

This isn t an algorithmic black box. It s not robo-trading. The 10-Minute Millionaire system still requires personal involvement

Using an easy three-step process, D.R

Has distilled his decades of experience trading the markets into a system so simple that even a new investor can set it up and maintain it in increments of as little as 10 minutes

Has taught it to sixth graders, yet so powerful it can transform even a small starting stake into lifelong financial freedom in a way that utterly destroys buy-and-hold investing

Walks you through a repeatable and reliable way to identify the stock-market extremes that show up virtually every day

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