A Killing Frost

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Desperate to escape Kingsport and its horrifying memories, Catherine Edison arranges a sabbatical in southern Ontario

Atawan seems to be a friendly village, and she and her daughter settle quite happily into a big old house there

But why was the rent so cheap And why does everyone shun the pleasant auto mechanic who fixes her car Anxious to keep a low profile, Catherine tries to ignore the disturbing undercurrents of Atawan, but gradually she and her daughter get dragged into the whirlpool of intrigue

For beneath its calm surface Atawan seethes with hatred and deceit, and has done so ever since the brutal murder of a local woman and the acquittal of the man the locals believe to be guilty.When Catherine and her daughter befriend the wrong people, she finds herself asking questions that somebody doesn t want answered

Little by little her circle of inquiry tightens until Catherine finds herself at the very centre, and to find the truth, she must put her own life on the line

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